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"A mask is suggested to confront the indignity and oppression suffered on a daily basis in an unjust society”

My inspiration comes from the colours and forms in South African culture. Using colour as language, my work is alive with emotion through the movement of the brushwork and the luscious layered colours. Much like memories, each painting or drawing is filled with layer upon layer of paint building a rich history into each piece.

My works are a combination of mixed media including oils, acrylic, inks and collage elements. Texture, surface treatments and colour are very important aspects of my work in order for each piece to have a very und and compelling presence.

My creative process is about connection to the beauty of the world, but also to my soul and spirit. My works are created through intuitive responses while engaged with the work. The process is completely organic and spontaneous.

A mask transforms your persona, conjures up a certain atmosphere and has an immediate impact. I've been fascinated by masks since my childhood. I find ethnographic cultures and rituals so interesting, anything that centres around bodies, faces and changed personas. It's a love that has been there forever.

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